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Anonymous asked:

What photo editors do you use? If any...

well for the pictures of me, i use the filters and the other editing tools on Instagram which are really good.. but for the lyrical edits i make, i use the app PicsArt which is excellent for those c:

xxblood-daggarxx asked:

Hey fellow bvb, PTV, and sws fan. I love your blog. My nickname round school and neighborhood just so happens to be wolf-girl due to my dying need to howl and maul people. Once again love your blog. I was wondering if you would like an imagine 4 bvb

baahaa i love wolves😄 and thaank you!
and uuh not too sure what you mean by wanting a pic for bvb..? 😮 but sure!? 😋

blairrobbins asked:

Hey I absolutely love your blog and I can relate to all your posts! I am a new account and I don't have many followers and I would be so happy if u followed me☺️ I follow back if u ever need to talk just know I'm an option stay strong✨

awhh glad you do, thank you! ^-^ aand i just followed you☺

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